Fuzz and Buzz areOne in a million

“Hey, what’s that you’re wearing, that looks great on you. I’m Buzz
and I’m always on the go. If you know about the latest trends,
fashions and music then hang around here, we’ll have lots in common.
It takes a lot of effort keeping up to date and looking your best. I’ve got
lots of friends but you should meet Fuzz, he’s my good friend. But he’s not
my boyfriend, he’s just a friend, for now at least!.”

“Hi, I’m Fuzz and I’m full of fun. Like all Blackcurrant millions I’m all
natural, sweet and bursting with energy. You can usually find me with
Buzz, she’s great and so pretty. She’s not looking for a boyfriend though
so I’m just her friend but I’m a good friend and that’s what matters. If
you like a laugh stay here with me, something funny always happens to
me eventually.”