Here at millions we love competitions, which is just as
well as we’ve got lots of them. Some of our competitions
have prizes and some are just for fun, always
remember it’s the taking part that counts.

Use our great monster builder to create your very own monster.
There are millions of different options to chose, you can make it
happy, scary or funny. When you’re finished you can print it off or if
you’re a member of the millions Club you can save it in your gallery
or send it to us, we’ve got some prizes for the ones we like the best.
So get monster building…

Do you know someone who you think is one in a million? Every month
we’ll send some great tasting packs of millions to someone special.
This month we want to know your one in a million teacher. Do you have a
great teacher, someone who goes out of their way to help you? To
nominate someone simply use the form and tell us why you think
they are one in a million? If we pick them we’ll send them some yummy
millions to enjoy, if you’re lucky they might even share them with you!

Do you have a Big Idea that could one day make you a famous millionaire?
Could you turn lava from a volcano into electricity? Maybe you could invent
something that means your dog could take itself for a walk or perhaps
you’ve got an idea that means you’ll never have to do homework again! Why
don’t you tell us all about it. Draw us a picture and give us a short
explanation of what it does and how it works. We’ll pick our favourites and
put them on the website so everyone can admire your genius!