Ron Brew’sOne in a million

“RARRRRRRRRR Hello everybody, my name is Ron Brew
and I am new to the Millions gang. I am a WILD haggis,
super strong, very funny and a bit of a rascal. I think the rest
of the gang would say that I am the WILD one of the group. Once you try me I will be your new favourite as I am bursting with flavour.

What can I tell you about myself…well I love a bit of BANTER…and winding the rest of the gang up. Who doesn’t love a bit of a laugh and a joke, especially with Hugh Blu and Kid Cola. We love to play pranks, especially on each other as Kid Cola thinks he is too cool for school. Well I love giving him a fright all I need to do is shout RAAAAAARRRRR, and that knocks the cool right out of him….HAHAHAHAHA. So if you want to hang about with the coolest member of the Millions crew you stick with me, we will have such a laugh, but watch your back incase I scare you…RAAAARRRR!!”